Sarah Chalke Learns Give and Take as Working Mom


Sarah Chalke is fascinated by anything her son Charlie, 13 months, does.

“The first time he ate a banana, I took a video and showed everyone like, ‘He’s such a genius! He’s eating a banana!’” The Mad Love star, 34, jokes to People.

“I love being a mom,” Sarah says happily. But another thing she loves is working! Luckily, she’s learned the importance of give and take.

“When you’re a working mom, it’s like you want to do this 100 percent, and you want to do this 100 percent,” she says. “You have to kind of learn what the give and takes are.”

But, at least her co-workers are supportive. They have to “put up with looking at 9000 pictures of Charlie on a daily basis,” she laughs.



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