I Like Wet Beds! Night Time Potty Training


I’m glad my stellar title got you here! All those online videos and I’m getting smarter. Now back to my great story…

WahWah <– that’s the noise coming through the monitor. It’s 4:30am!
I think I’ll close my eyes and hope and pray it STOPS.
29.9 minutes later – sweeeeeet, I’m just about to fall back asleep.
5:00am – more waaah waws. Feeling sleepy and GRUMPY.


Nope. I no longer have a new born. In fact, you might be surprised to know I’m sleep depriving myself ON PURPOSE!

My youngest is almost 3 1/2. She has been potty trained during the day for about 6 months or so. She’s my second child, therefor really, I can’t remember. Night time potty training is a whoooole different challenge.

Two nights ago the last diaper we owned was used. For a long time now it has been 1 diaper per night, so that giant 8 million box from Costco has lasted foreva (*it’s not really 8 million, just close). It was my crutch, my excuse to not start night time training. I like to call it holding out for the ‘right time’. It is a decision you make just like that. It’s my way of forcing myself to train my daughter to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when the urge arises.

There is going to be a lot of late night/early morning wake-up calls. I’m expecting at least one peed bed per night. It’s all good. Washing sheets is on my talent list. I put it on my resume.

Want in on the fun? I’m taking bets –

How long until you think my daughter is potty trained at night?

If there are a lot of incoherent blog posts to come in the next week or 2 you’ll know why. Consider this fair warning. All the pee will be going to my head making me unable to fully function… and I’m assuming it is only pee. Let’s keep that positive thinking going.

My husband will be sound asleep like a log. I consider it my job to wake him up because this time it is not for breastfeeding.

Fair? What do you think?


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