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Interview 4 Inspiration is a new series on Give Love Create Happiness.  Here you will find a series of questions answered by inspirational people.  People who have inspired me in one way or another, either through knowing them personally or through their work.   I believe people are the best sources of inspiration; therefore it gives me great pleasure to share a little more about them with you in a series of questions.

Today, I am very happy to share with you Scott Young.  Scott has been a blogger for the past 4 years.  His popular blog focuses on how to get more from life and reaches over 10,000 subscribed readers.  If you like to think deeply about life and the big picture I really believe you’ll enjoy his blog as much as I do.  Scott has created a successful business associated with his blog and is coming out with a Learn More, Study Less video course.  Scott is a holistic learning university student who helps others learn more effectively.  His video course is going to be offered with the re-opening of Learning on Steroids, his rapid learning tactics program which opens Friday the 10th of September and fills up quickly, so if you are interested you’ll need to act fast! 

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Scott at a gathering he put together in Vancouver (see New Blog Friends).  A very friendly person with an amazing ability to help others makes me sure he will go far in life.  It is remarkable how much he has already accomplished at this point in his life while being a full time student.

Please Welcome, Scott Young!

Interview 4 Inspiration 
Scott H Young 
Get More from Life

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Name – Scott Young
Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I’m a university student and blogger for the past 4 years.

What are you currently focusing your energy on in your life?
Mostly on growing the business associated with my blog, which offers rapid learning tactics to help students in their studies.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I don’t think I have a typical day. I just got back from spending eleven months in France and before that I was traveling in Europe and the United States. My life is still at the point where “typical” changes pretty frequently and I enjoy that.

What are your favorite family or solo activities?
Between taking full-time classes and running a soon-to-be full-time business, I don’t spend a great deal of time on side hobbies. But I try to use my free time as much as possible on relaxing or with friends. It’s definitely easy to let projects become an all-consuming focus and forget the people that make life matter to you.

When you hear the word happiness what is the first thing that comes to mind?
I’m not sure anymore. I’ve written a lot of articles about the pursuit of the ideal life on my blog, and I think in today’s world with many more choices and so many people deviating from the traditional path, the question of what will make you happy has certainly become more interesting.   

What makes you beautiful?
Haha, that’s hard to say. Can I say my sense of humor and my love of long walks on the beach?

What was a favorite activity of yours as a child?
I’ve had a lot of hobbies when I was a kid. I guess I enjoyed anything creative, I’ve gotten into painting, writing and digital graphics at different times.

If you could get paid to do anything what would it be?
Well now that my blog and the business with it earns a liveable income, I guess my answer would be what I’m already getting paid for. In all honesty I’m extremely lucky and I’m grateful for the opportunity every day.

What is one area of your life you would like to improve?
In the long term, probably my relationships. I’ve been switching homes pretty frequently in the last couple years and I haven’t always had tons of time in my life to make that area work.

What is one responsibility you would love for someone else to take over?
Mostly the non-creative aspects of my job. I love writing, creating and discussing–dealing with customer service or technical updates for my website not as much.

What is one life lesson you have learned and would like to share with others?

Be patient. I think we both underestimate what we can accomplish and underestimate the time needed to get there.

How can others best give you support?
It’s important to have people you can talk to in your life. For too long with my business I tried to do things solo, and the result was that my growth suffered. The same is true with everything. 

Thank you for sharing Scott! 

Have a great Friday and weekend, friends! 

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