Decoration Ideas for a Playroom


The playroom gives your kids a place to use creativity and burn energy while keeping their toys out of the family living areas. Because the space is meant for your kids, adding child-friendly decoration to the room makes it more personal for the young members of the family. If your kids are old enough, get them involved in the decorating process.


The walls offer a large canvas for decoration in the playroom. A coat of paint is an inexpensive way to decorate the playroom walls. Choose a color based on your child’s preferences or your decorating style for the room. Bright colors are often appealing to children. A painted mural personalizes the walls of the playroom with a large decoration. Paint the mural yourself, or hire a local artist to do the work. Vinyl removable wall stickers are a less permanent option for adding designs to the walls.

Decorating Themes

An overall theme for the playroom helps you make decorating decisions while incorporating one of your child’s favorite things. Themes might include animals, colors, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, sports or popular kids’ characters. If you have more than one child, agreeing on a theme might be a challenge. There is the possibility of fusing two themes if they are related. For example, if one child likes football and the other likes hockey, you can use a general sports theme incorporating both sports.

Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces in the playroom decor give the kids lots of places to lounge. Soft flooring is one place to start. Carpet works well, but if you have a craft area in the playroom you could end up with messes that are difficult to clean. Other ways to add soft elements into the decor include bean bag chairs, plush floor pillows and upholstered furniture. Child-sized furniture might be more comfortable for your children now, but they will likely outgrow it quickly.

Decorative Storage

Storage is a major concern when it comes to kids’ toys. There are a number of storage options that add decorative elements to the room. Decorative hooks work well for storing bags of toys or dress-up clothes. Craft stores sometimes sell unpainted wood hooks. To get the kids involved, let them paint the hooks before hanging them on the wall. Canvas bins come in a variety of colors, allowing you to mix and match based on the theme and color scheme in the playroom. Low-hanging shelves painted in a color that stands out from the walls offer more storage.



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