So I just had a birthday, which was truthfully a pretty lame day.  I’ve never been big on fussing over my own celebration, but this one was particularly dreadful!  Glad it’s gone which brings me to my next thought: Should I be thirty-something or 35ish?  Both seem to have a nice ring to them.  What is it with us women about age anyway? I have never cared too much about it, but maybe that’s because I didn’t actually think I’d ever be over 30.

I have been perusing the beauty menu of my favorite skin care lines, looking for that one special product to give me the miracle tired mommy make-over.  You know the magical one that gets rid of fine lines and reshapes and tightens your face?  I haven’t found it yet, but I’m considering making my own concoction by blending them all together and leaving it on overnight!

David and I were surfing the web, looking at all of the images that pop up when you search our names.  Not because we are so full of ourselves that we’d rather look at us than watch a movie, but because we like to see what’s out there from paparazzi and past work.  So many great moment came up with our kids.  So he’s looking at some old sexy bikini pics and he says, “I want her back!’” 

I went uh-oh to myself, but then because we are so connected I knew what he really meant.  It wasn’t about the tight pre-baby body, it was more about the look in my eyes then, and my playful state of mind.  I totally understood him, and realized that I might not be as fun as I use to be.  I’m so busy with the kids and wrapped up in multiple jobs. All of my spare time has been buried in finishing my book, and there isn’t a lot left over to be spontaneous and care free.  Honestly, I want her back too. 

So I have decided that (all joking aside) with the reality of my changing thirty-something face, I am going to ring out my thirties like never before!  I have been so drained from sleep deprivation and exhaustion that I am more focused on sleep than living each day.  It isn’t about holding on to your younger years or longing to hold back time, it’s about letting your best self shine!  Sometimes I want to be other places, but today I need to be good right where I am.  So I’ve decided to ring out the rest of my thirties, celebrate my birthday all month with friends. Why the hell not?

Maybe I’m feeling emotional because 9/11 brought up a lot of feelings, especially considering where I was on that dreadful day with my family.  It also has made me think about appreciating every day and realizing how precious it is.  Btw, thank you for all the beautiful feedback on the comments area of our community, I really appreciate it.

I’m about to get into bed and read Eat, Pray, Love.  I know I could be out partying like I just eluded to doing, but it’s not really about that.  It’s about enjoying my moments, all of them.  Tonight I’m getting into bed with a great read, candle lit, and a homemade recipe slathered on my face.  Did I mention that I did enjoy one of my favorite restaurants with David and a great bottle of wine just hours ago?  Then I slipped into a hot bubble bath.  Now, with a sweet buzz, well fed, and totally relaxed I’m about to read a book on my new ipad – uninterrupted by children! Beat that! But tomorrow night, I’ll be out with David and friends in NYC, partying like its 1999!

Night Night.



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