10 Rules For Successful Re-Gifting


Re-gifting used to be taboo. It was the sort of thing you would never do, or at least never admit to doing. But due to the great recession we have become increasingly more time crunched and more thoughtful about over-spending. It only makes sense that with these changes in our lives, we have also seen a change in our philosophy toward re-gifting. The stigma has lessened and the act of re-gifting has become more commonplace and necessary.

The Complete Guide to Hostess Gifts for Every Occasion


The holiday season is here, and that means plenty of parties, gatherings and festive dinners. But with all the fun comes the stress of making sure you bring an appropriate hostess gift – should it be simple or splendid? Trinket or trifle? Small and thoughtful or fantastically fancy? Striking the balance on bringing just the right gift can feel like a bit of a minefield. Fear not! We’ve got the complete guide to hostess gifts for every occasion: Cocktail Party Guest Do:

Twins And Birthday Parties: Do You Have To Invite Both?


How do you handle twins and birthday parties? As a mother of two sets of twins, the daughter of twins, and the daughter-in-law of twins (crazy, huh?) Im tackling this issue with a lot of experience. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions: 1. If you invite a child to a birthday party, should you invite his or her twin as well, even if they are not in the same class?

Royal Obsession: Will & Kate


One day. One short day! Those are the words I imagine are doing roller coaster loops in Kate Middleton’s mind right about now. She is set to marry His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales on Friday morning, making her the luckiest girl in the world, I’m pretty sure. If anyone is livin’ the dream right now, it is most definitely Kate Middleton.

Kids’ Christmas Party Food Ideas


While wishing your guests a merry little Christmas, don’t let the stress of the season get in the way of your good mood – especially when it comes to holiday parties! Instead of running yourself ragged planning an overly elaborate affair, remember that Christmas is a time for friends, family and love. With a little creativity, and some of these helpful tips, you can put together a memorable menu for your kids’ party without a lot of fuss and flurry.

How to Decorate Ceilings for Parties

When you are decorating for a party, don’t forget the ceiling. A decorated ceiling envelopes your guests in your theme. Let your guests step into a new world with hanging, bouncing decorations overhead. If you can reach your ceiling with a step stool or small ladder, you can decorate it with any theme you want. Grab a friend to help you when hanging items. Let her hand you each item while you hang it so you don’t have to worry about reaching or stretching from the ladder.