NFL Season Preview for Moms


Whether you enjoy football season, or are forced to watch by your husband and kids, the NFL is kicking off Wednesday, and this season has a lot of things to look forward to.

We are a big football family, and love to get to get together with family and friends to watch the games. Football is not always about touchdowns, plays, and rules that some may not understand. There is always some drama off the field that makes it interesting to watch.

It’s kind of like your favorite television show that you can’t stop watching! Here are some things that might make it fun for you to watch this season:

Rookie Quarterbacks

This season there are four STARTING rookie quarterbacks coming into the NFL. They are all hoping to make a big impact on their first season wearing a NFL uniform.

  • Andrew Luck: Luck was the first pick overall in the NFL Draft; he replaced Peyton Manning after the Indianapolis Colts released him in April. Colt fans are hoping Luck has what it takes to win games (and Super Bowls) like Manning.


  • Robert Griffin III aka RG3: The Washington Redskins are hoping RG3 is the franchise quarterback this team needs. Robert won the Heisman Trophy last year, the biggest honor for a college football player.


  • Ryan Tannehill: The Miami Dolphins selected Tannehill with the 8th pick overall in the draft, and they’re hoping he’ll turn out to be a great starting QB for the team.


  • Russell Wilson: Unlike the other rookie QBs who were top picks in the draft, Wilson was drafted 75th in the third round! But he proved he’s got what it takes; the Seattle Seahawks made Russell Wilson their starting quarterback after a stellar pre-season.


Veteran Quarterbacks


The more experienced quarterbacks in the NFL are also trying to prove something this season; that they’ve still got it!

  • Tom Brady: Three time Super Bowl winner and two time Super Bowl MVP is still trying to be hot on the field at 35 years old. His wife Gisele is expecting their second child together, and maybe with baby will come another Super Bowl Ring.


  • Peyton Manning: After 14 seasons as the Quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, Manning has a new home in Denver this season. The Denver Broncos are hoping that Manning still has it to help them win a Super Bowl.



The biggest off-season drama this year was the “Bounty Scandal” or “Bountygate.” The New Orleans Saints Defensive coordinator Greg Williams was offering money to players who made tackles or big hits that took other players out of the game, and injured them. As a result of the scandal, Williams was let go, and the head coach Sean Peyton was suspended from coaching this season. We’ll see what happens with Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints this season without their head coach.

The 2012-2013 NFL Season kicks off Wednesday September 5th on NBC with last year’s Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants vs. divisional rivals Dallas Cowboys.  (Extra fun – No Doubt and Mariah Carey will help open up the season.)



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