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The Best Time to Go to Disney World Orlando

Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is an exciting place to take a family vacation and can provide entertainment for all ages. There are certain times of year that give you the best chance to avoid heavy crowds and hot weather. Plan ahead so your family vacation is enjoyable and stress free.

Avoiding the Crowds

Heavy crowds can put a damper on the fun of attending Disney World, especially if you have young children who are restless when they have to wait in line. Summer is generally more crowded. If you have kids who are not in school, the best time to attend can be fall, just after school starts. The weather is cooler and since the older kids (and families with older kids) are in school there is often no line for the rides. During the busier months, the crowd is a bit thinner after dark or earlier in the day. Start at the back of the park and work your way to the front if you go when the park opens so you go the opposite direction of most other visitors.

Take Advantage of Bad Weather

Florida gets quite a bit of rain, and many park visitors pack up and leave when it starts to rain. But even heavy rains don’t last long. A rainstorm at Disney World can clear out the crowds. Take advantage of the down time during the storm to sit in a covered area and eat or enjoy one of the many indoor rides.

Attending During Special Events

Attending Disney World during the peak season means dealing with the crowds, but you are often rewarded with extended park hours and special events. Many concerts, firework shows, parades and concerts happen during the summer and are a lot of fun for visitors.

Visiting During the Cooler Months

Florida is hot during the summer, and a hot day at Disney World can be exhausting. Attending Disney World during the cooler months can create a much more pleasant experience. Many Disney fans praise the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas as one of the best times to attend Disney World. Keep in mind that cooler temperatures may take the water rides off your list of attractions to visit, but the lack of lines and crowds more than makes up for that for many people.

Consider Staying After Dark

After dark, many Disney World visitors call it a day. Staying in the park after dark can open up new possibilities for family fun with nighttime shows and fireworks. Most rides remain open after dark and have very short lines or no lines at all. Families with younger kids can enjoy the nightlife at Disney World by encouraging the children to nap in strollers in the middle of the day or by sleeping in and coming to the park later in the day.

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