First Trimester Pregnancy Exercises
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First Trimester Pregnancy Exercises

Working out during the first trimester of your pregnancy can help increase your energy and minimize many of the discomforting symptoms moms-to-be experience during the early stages of pregnancy. Begin workouts with a warm-up to get your muscles ready to work. End with a cooldown to stretch and repair your muscles. Eat at least 30 to 45 minutes before beginning your workout; make sure you have fresh water nearby to keep your body hydrated. Always talk with your doctor or midwife before trying an exercise regimen to ensure it’s safe for you and the baby.

Hit the Trail

Grab your MP3 player and trek through your neighborhood, or visit a local walking trail and enjoy a brisk walk or jog during your first trimester of pregnancy. If you are not the outdoors type, walk on a treadmill in your home or at a local gym. Walking is an ideal workout for moms-to-be who didn’t exercise before pregnancy. It’s a low-impact way to contribute to a healthy pregnancy. Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day for the best results.

Dance Fever

Crank up your favorite tunes at home and dance for 30 minutes. Dance is a cardio activity that is safe for women during the first trimester of pregnancy. Many gyms and fitness centers offer dance classes specifically for pregnancy women. Sign up for one to work with a fitness trainer who is skilled in working with moms-to-be. These classes can also give you a way to meet other moms-to-be and arrange future play dates.

Take a Dip

Swimming for at least 30 minutes a day is a safe first trimester workout that can help work your leg, arm and back muscles. The Baby Center suggests that the best strokes for the first trimester are the breaststroke and the backstroke. Both strokes reduce the risk of strain and won’t disrupt proper blood flow.

Fitness for the Core

Many body-sculpting movements that make up Pilates are suitable for women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Use caution when doing abdominal moves and ensure that if you feel any discomfort, you abstain from performing the move in your future workouts. The Wellsphere website suggests you avoid inversion moves and ones that require too much balancing during the first trimester of pregnancy. Women should also be cautious of moves that require too much use of the spine, such as bending forward over the legs.

Posing Mama

Warrior, tree and mountain poses are ideal yoga exercises for pregnant women. Similar to Pilates, try yoga during the first trimester of your pregnancy. You’ll enjoy stretching your body and the calming nature of the movements. Avoid yoga exercises that may strain your back or stomach muscles.

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