How to Find a Long-Lost Love
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How to Find a Long-Lost Love

Everyone has a long-lost love that she’d like to find, even if it is just to see how he turned out. A WowOWow poll reports that 60 percent of women aged 45 or older say they have searched online for a lost love. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find someone from your past. While you can probably dig up some contact information–an email address or a phone number–the most difficult part will be trying to decide whether to contact him.

Step 1

Enter his name into the search engines. Use quotation marks around the name, which means you’ll search for the exact phrase. Look through the first couple of results to see what you turn up. If you’re lucky, it will really be him. If he has a common name, however, you may see results for others that happen to have the same name.

Step 2

Browse your friends’ friends on social networking sites. If you’re already connected to people from the same time period as your long-lost love, you may find that he’s connected with a friend of yours. Social networking sites, like Facebook, make it easy to browse through the lists of your friends’ friends by name, even being able to look at their pictures.

Step 3

Look him up in the telephone book. If you know what town he lives in, the local white pages may be all you need. Many white pages listings are online, also. You also will be able to find one at the library.

Step 4

Send a letter to his old house. If his parents still live there, they may pass on your letter. You may also find that he lives at the same house or has mail forwarded from there.

Step 5

Join alumni organizations. If you went to school with your love, you may be able to find him through the alumni organization. Many maintain contact databases that are searchable for other alumni.


  • Think twice before you actually contact him. SF Gate reports that about 8 in 10 people trying to reconnect with old loves are currently married and that the reconnection could ignite old flames and cause marital problems.

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