Thanksgiving Diet Tips
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Thanksgiving Diet Tips

While it does provide the perfect occasion for gathering with friends and family, many committed dieters loathe Thanksgiving as they know that on this day they will be tempted with an assortment of diet-busting treats. While the presence of temptation on this holiday is undeniable, Thanksgiving does not have to spell diet disaster. By following some simple diet tips, you can effectively enjoy Thanksgiving without having to slip back into larger pants in the days immediately following.

Start the Day With Breakfast

Many spend the morning of Thanksgiving starving themselves to save room for the sizable meal they are about to eat. While it may seem logical to save all of your calories for this one, belt-busting sitting at the table, WebMD reports that skipping breakfast is actually a detriment to diet success. By eating a healthy breakfast prior to sitting down at the Thanksgiving table, you ensure that you are not overly hungry and reduce the likelihood of overeating on the often-calorie-laden Thanksgiving treats.

Peruse the Buffet Before Tackling It

Create a dietary plan of attack. To keep your calorie intake down on Thanksgiving, eat only the foods that really appeal to you. Before you begin to pack your plate with food, look over all of your options and decide which ones you really can’t live without. Skip over any so-so food options as you don’t need the added calories provided by these less-than-desirable options.

Downsize Your Plate

Don’t mosey on up to the Thanksgiving buffet armed with a platter to fill to the gills with food. Instead, select a smaller plate, such as a cake or pie plate or a plate this is slightly smaller in diameter than the other options. By using a petite plate, you ensure that you don’t allow your eyes to get the better of your stomach and amass a mountain of food.

Stick With Water

Avoid sodas and alcohol when selecting a beverage to wash down your Thanksgiving meal. These high-calorie beverages may quench your thirst, but they also pack an added calorie punch that you do not need on a day when you are already planning a large calorie intake.

Burn Calories on Black Friday

Successful weight loss is all about burning more calories than you take in. Make up for the dietary indiscretions commonly associated with the Thanksgiving holiday the day after. Before hitting the mall to hunt down some discounts on Black Friday put on a fitness tracker. Watch the steps throughout the day to see how much walking you accomplish while completing your early Christmas shopping. Increase your step count by deliberately parking farther back in the parking lot or walking, instead of driving, between stores at the strip mall.

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