Dine Outdoors this Summer!
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Dine Outdoors this Summer!

Summer is my favorite season because I love to eat outdoors! In my opinion, nothing beats the ambiance or the setting. There is just something about eating with nature as your décor, in the fresh summer air and while watching the sun setting, that can turn an ordinary evening at home into a very special one. My husband and girls are also huge fans of eating outside. You do not need to go far or even to have a big backyard; a simple balcony will do. As I was sitting outside a few evenings ago after enjoying dinner with my family on our balcony, I thought about how relaxing it can be to just get out of the house and changing your regular setting. Days can be so hectic that it can be difficult to find the time to enjoy the outdoors which is why having dinner outside is the perfect way to do that!

Hanging Outside with Friends and Family

Picnics are another great way to dine al fresco. No one says you have to be at a park to enjoy a lovely picnic. I have many fond memories of times when my parents threw down a big blanket right in our backyard and have a picnic anytime we wished. I think that getting out of your usual routines and doing things just a bit differently can have a very positive effect on you and your family. Some of my friends love to entertain outside. I just find that it creates a much more casual and laid back vibe when we just hang out outside, normally around the BBQ. The kids have a great time playing in the yard while the adults supervise and relax in a lawn chair thinking how good life is. Something about hanging outside with good friends and family just can’t be beat.

A Part of a Balanced Lifestyle

I often find that between work and family, there are some days where the only times I am outside are running to and from the car. I think that appreciating and taking the time to be outdoors is part of a healthy lifestyle. There is just nothing that can compare to dining al fresco, in my opinion anyhow.

About the Author

Mother of three, Sandra Nyholm, has experienced just about everything a working mother can and she is excited to share her journey with you. She will relay her experiences as she works to build her business and raise her three girls ages 2, 4, and 6. Founder of the online mother and child boutique, www.PetitBliss.com, Sandra lives, eats and breaths motherhood. She and her husband have made their home in the Bay Area with their three children.

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