Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas!

Christmas came and went so fast, but seemed to wrap up the most perfect way. On Christmas Eve, my children wrote letters to Santa, prepared the fireplace for his landing and set out all his favorite things.

The chimney was hung with six stockings, two of which I pulled together last minute for an impromptu sleepover with my Jewish nieces.  This would mark their very first visit from Old St. Nick, so the pressure was on! 

I set out yummy black and white frosted cookies (no time for homemade baking after my big turkey dinner for our blended families).  A glass of milk was placed beside Santa’s plate and dog bones and carrots were left for his eight reindeer. 

I was so exhausted from a week of company and many meals prepared for 11 plus people that I could hardly wait for my little ones to pass out so I could begin my Santa endeavors.  My oldest daughter (who is only 11) fessed up that she no longer believes and offered to be my #1 elf helper.

We stuffed the stockings with candy, Santa chocolate bars, small toys, cocoa, bubble gum, stuffed animals, miniature books with filled with happy sentiments, bedazzled lip gloss and even a potato gun for Shaya. 

Almost everything that I limit in our home was offered to break all the rules on Christmas day.  Sort of that zone between a sugar rush and total chaos was what I was encouraging with my stuffings.  Then we placed Shaya’s remote control helicopter, Rain’s giant Barbie house, Neriah’s dipping dots maker and Sierra’s faux mink bean bag by the fireplace. 

It didn’t take more than five minutes for me to pass out in the hopes of catching a few hours before the sun came up, followed by excited eager, greedy and joyful children.  I remember those days.  I miss them and still get great joy by giving them to my family.

Merry Christmas to all.  I wish you the very best from my family to yours.

I am sure your holiday was filled with generous efforts for your family.  Mother to mother, I hope your heart is filled with appreciation and love for all you do.


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