DWTS: Behind the Scenes at the Semi-Finals
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DWTS: Behind the Scenes at the Semi-Finals

blog post photoI’ve often wondered what it would be like if certain famous figures lived in our current times.  One historic icon that has totally inspired me is Eleanor Roosevelt.  She said, “Do something that scares you.”  I quote her in my book, The Naked Mom, because for me, those are words to live by.  I love reading inspirational quotes. They are important reminders of ways to challenge ourselves and stay on a fulfilling path.


Tonight is the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars.  It has been such an unpredictable season! I just finished watching tonight’s celebrity packages, which share the background and drive that has pushed all of our couples to make it this far.  I have so much admiration for all of them.  It amazes me to watch people improve, discover new things about themselves and surprise themselves each week.  I am a huge fan of all of these dancers! Right now, on give.modernmom.com, you have the opportunity to buy Hallmark books, ornaments and more signed by the awesome stars and dancers from DWTS! All proceeds support the Veterans of Foreign Wars- talk about hard work and drive.  


Participating in a show like DWTS can bring out the best and the worst in many people.  Stress has a wonderful way of doing that!  This week I am totally reminded of everything I went through while competing in Season 7.  There were many weeks when I didn’t know if I had it in me, but I found the strength to push through.  Whether it was my kids, my man, my mom, or my commitment to myself, I found a strength and devotion I never experienced before.  I have always been one to take chances and have been know to be an adrenaline junkie, but doing something that scares you is very different. I’ve listened to this season’s competitors share their appreciation for what this show has taught them too.  It’s really a learning experience, a chance to shine, and if you are lucky, very lucky, a chance to WIN!


blog post photoIt’s funny because the press spends so much time picking everyone’s success apart and the judges here both criticize and compliment everyone’s performance, but it’s really a personal process.  That is also how I look at many situations and stay focused in hectic times.  I ask myself: What is it I need to learn here? How can I approach this differently? Do I need to change my point of view?  There is always a chance to win in many ways- when you give yourself the compassion to get the most out of a situation,  even life’s most difficult ones.  Let’s not forget about confidence too. It’s hard to survive anything with out that.  Even confidence in your own decision making process is super important.


I remember when I danced the Jive, and I totally blew it, (soooo embarrassing) but then I redeemed myself with the salsa.  It was about confidence for me that day, because I had very little, but it was also about showing up with everything I had to give. There were many life lessons for me during that time, and I break it all down in my book. Btw, it’s available now for pre-order.


I better get back to my script.  I still have another hour to go in hair and make-up.  I hope you tune in to tonight’s show.   I can’t believe it almost over!


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