5 Tips To Help You Survive Super Bowl Sunday Snacks
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5 Tips To Help You Survive Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Whether you are a fan of the Patriots or the Falcons, we’re all  fans of Super bowl food.

It’s fried, fatty, decadent and delicious – it’s like Halloween for adults, but without the costumes! (Unless you’re one of those super fans who dress up and paint their faces.)

Over 155 billion calories will be served up this Sunday. So whether you are going to a party or staying home, here are five Super Bowl eating tips to help you indulge while still keeping the bulge under control.

1. Make your calories count.

This is one of my favorite sayings, and on Super Bowl Sunday this is especially key. If you are staying home, you are in complete control of what treats you have. Get only the things you really love. If you are going to a party or bar, when you arrive, take a quick inventory of what food is available. Choose only your absolute favorites and INDULGE! For example, I will not be eating Pringles, but may eat my weight in pizza, or Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Macadamia ice cream!

2. Use a small plate for your food. 

So many studies have shown that if your eye perceives only a small amount of food, your brain will tell your stomach that you are not satisfied. A reasonable portion on a regular size plate may not look like a satisfying amount, but a reasonable portion on a small plate can trick the eye and brain so that they signal to the stomach is that you are getting enough food to satisfy your hunger. This works great for kids too!

3. Eat a healthy snack before the party.

Sometimes we think that we should “save” our calories until the party, so we don’t eat anything all day. When we show up, we are starving and go crazy on the food. If you have a healthy snack before you go, you won’t pig out right when you arrive. If you are staying home, don’t start eating your Super Bowl cupcakes for breakfast. Decide on a time frame that you will put your treats out.

4. Recognize when you are full.

Indulge in your favorite treats within the first 30 minutes of the party, and be mindful when you are full. Chances are your faves will be higher in calories and higher in fat, so they will really fill you up fast. For the next four hours or so, everyone will be sitting around the television munching, munching, mindless munching. You will already have eaten your favorites (and have that full feeling), but if you want to munch make veggies your mindless munching choice. Guacamole and salsa with carrots would be a good choice, and most parties are going to have a fruit plate or a veggie tray (or you can bring one, so you know there is a healthy option).

5. Choose your seat strategically

Find a seat across the room from the coffee table loaded with treats. This type of seat strategy works well because you may not want to keep walking across the room in front of everyone.

Go Team! Yay Food!

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