Top Ten Cheap Girlfriend Dates – Oh Yeah…
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Top Ten Cheap Girlfriend Dates – Oh Yeah…

Some of you asked us for some tips on what to do with your girls rather than with your guys — we loved that idea. After all, we all could use a little more time with our bff’s right? (maybe even more so than a date night…) Ok, so here are our top 10 cheap things to do on your next girls night.

1. Game Night

Some girls we know do a regular poker night once a week — they never miss it. They end up spending HOURS playing cards, laughing, drinking wine and catching up. All the ladies bring something to eat and drink and they rotate hosting responsibilities.

2. Wine-Tasting

We told you about how fun it was to join a wine club a few days ago (missed the article? Here it is — below) but some of us just can’t easily leave our house, right? You could do your own wine-tasting party where several people are delegated to bring a new wine and do little tastings. There are lots of good, inexpensive wines to taste — buy a Wine Spectator and check it out.

3. Spa Night

This can be super fun and way cheaper than going to an actual spa. Testing out masks and the latest OPI nail colors are such a fun get – together and super girly. Everyone can bring something different – a peel, a clay mask, a hair conditioner, salt scrubs, nail colors. You can even make a “spa water” with cucumber, mint and oranges. Then again, you could also make cocktails. 🙂

4. Potluck

It’s an old classic that never really gets old. What’s better than sitting around a kitchen and eating with the girls? Nothing.

5. Trading clothes

Lately, this has become a pretty popular thing to do. Lots of women don’t want to spend money on clothes right now so what they’re doing is bringing the clothes they are bored of and trading it for something someone else doesn’t want anymore. That way, you feel like you have some new items in your closet without spending any money!

6. Mani Pedis

It’s kind of like the spa-night, but not really. Hire someone to give everyone a mani-pedi and kill two birds with one stone: Have your girls get together and also get your nails done by a professional. If everyone chips in, it’s no more expensive than actually going to the nail salon for one.

7. Book club

It may sound boring, but this can actually be awesome. Our kids aren’t the only ones who need to be educated and inspired — we do too! Picking some great books can really get a good discussion going. Creativity starts to flow, ideas are born and it’s just an all around excellent thing to do for yourself. Plus, it will also force you to read on a regular basis (something we set aside a lot as moms).

8. Movie Night

How many times have you seen the “Sex and the City” movie with your girlfriends? Pick a movie, make some popcorn, grab some wine and turn down the lights. You don’t need to go to the movies and spend a lot of money — it’s more fun in your own living room because you get to chat during the movie!

9. Cook

Get a fantastic recipe, put every person in charge of something and cook up a great meal together. It’s best to open a few bottles of wine during the cooking, that can be really fun. It forces you to not just eat dinner and go, but to actually cook it together then sit down and enjoy it.

10. Exercise

Do an early evening walk or run as a group, take a yoga or exercise class all together — then, if your gym has it, take a steam or sauna. You’ll be home in time for dinner with your own family, yet you still get some good girl time.

Wine Club??

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