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An Exhausted Mom's Rant About Sleep vs Sex

The girls and I were talking about how we are getting ZERO sleep and that our husband’s don’t seem to be affected by this at all and they still want sex all the time. So…as a working mom with very very little sleep, what’s the solution? Why is it that they always want sex even if they are exhausted and we can’t even keep our eyes open?

I Need Sleep!

My husband needs sex and at this point I would do anything for sleep, wouldn’t you? We started talking about how we are half asleep half the time during sex… then we fantasized about going away for the night- alone – in a dark hotel room where we could sleep for 12 hours. Our fantasies sure have changed, haven’t they?

Our Husbands and Sex

Then, the conversation turned to our husbands, and why there’s such a discrepancy between men and women when it comes to sex. How do guys have the energy for it all the time? It’s no wonder! Women do pretty much everything and men ALWAYS find downtime; whether it’s to sit in front of the television, a quick basketball game with the guys, they ALWAYS eat a full meal (compared to our few bites of our kids’ food while we’re on the go). While we, the moms work –at home or at an office, are usually the ones to get dinner ready, pick up our kids from games and school, put them in baths, read stories, plan all their doctors’ appointments, clean the house at night, make sure the beds are made in the morning, do laundry, the list goes on and on….Of course we are not in the mood — we are friggin’ exhausted!

What We Do Love

We’re not hating on our husbands here, I’m just saying it’s a fact that women are capable of doing much, muchhhhh more than men. Just yesterday for example, while my husband watched golf for about eight hours straight I did all of the chores in the house, and at 5pm he asked me “what’s for dinner?” When I snapped and said “YOU figure it out!” he said “why are you getting so pissy, it’s not like you’ve been doing that much today.” I’m reeling just thinking about it! But, what I was getting to, is we are not hating on our husbands ok? We are simply saying, it’s no wonder they are always up (pun intended) for sex and we are not.

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