Mommy, Are Your Boobs Real?
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Mommy, Are Your Boobs Real?

An enormous amount of you responded to the question we posted on Facebook whether you would have plastic surgery or not if it were free, and a surprising number of women said YES! You absolutely would have plastic surgery if it were free. Now, think about this — would you tell your children you were going under the knife? What would you say?

What You Said

All of you moms were so honest about plastic surgery, we loved it! Lots of you would say yes to plastic surgery if it were free and some of you were ok with exactly what God gave you. Here are some of your responses:
Lacey Hurley: “I want my boobs to be where they were 5 years ago!!!”
Shawna Cole: “Amen Sister! Little ones are great but what they do to your body well come on, things should not sag like that.”
Lee Lawrence I am having twins. “Already planning on a tummy tuck and breast lift, and maybe just a touch of liposuction :)”
Mary Giglia Holland: “OH YES– i am with U Lacey H– and i hate the wrinkle between my eyebrows!!!”
Sabrina Basch: “Yep I sure would too! A lift and tuck, some lipo on my chin, little on my back, thighs and arms. Heck I’d lift, tuck and suck it all out. 3 kids (2 back to back) ruined what I had.”

But how would your kids respond to mommy going under the knife? Would you even tell them? And would you think about the consequences of having anesthesia?

A Celeb Mom

When celebrity talk show host Wendy Williams’ son asked her if her “boobs were real” she was shocked, “Mom, are your boobs real?” And her response? “I gagged when my son came and asked me about the implants. It was ‘Where did you hear that?’ But it was on my own show.” During an episode of her talk show, the host admitted to having a breast augmentation 14 years ago.
“Our son did not know I had breast implants. So I sat down and went through plastic surgery with him. And it was great, because I was able to let him know that when his dad met me, I was completely natural,” she tells

To Tell Or Not To Tell

According to, it’s a big decision whether to tell your children or not if you’re having a procedure done. Depending on your kids level of maturity and understanding and comprehension, you may or may not decide to tell your children. Their level of curiosity too is a factor — are they old enough to understand what’s going on? You may choose to say nothing and hope they just don’t notice. One mom shared her story that after receiving breast implants, her son asked her about why she had a “band-aid” to which the mom responded “mommy has a booboo.” It backlashed when in the classroom, her son said “My mommy’s boobies have a booboo.”

What Would You Do?

Would you tell them or keep it to yourself?

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