Indoor Sports Activities for Kids
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Indoor Sports Activities for Kids

Experts have established the close link between exercise and health. However, when the weather becomes unpredictable, it dampens even the most high-spirited individuals, especially kids who love sports and outdoor recreation. Fortunately, you can wipe away the blues with sports activities that your children can do even when they are inside the comfort of their own home.

Indoor Bowling Tournament

You will not need a bowling alley for this mini competition — you can use the hallway instead by using your imagination and creativity. Simply gather 10 empty soda bottles and their caps. These items will be your bowling pins. You need the caps to seal the bottles when you fill each one with about 1/2 inch of water. Next, get a beach ball and fill it with air to serve as your kids’ bowling ball. Get your kids to hit the pins, score strikes and spares, then total up the score and announce the competition’s winner at the end of the tournament. A cookie or a chocolate candy bar will suffice for the winner’s trophy. This is good bonding activity for your kids that will help promote physical activity and sports camaraderie.

Action on a Mini Golf Course

Golf may be the favorite pastime of the rich and the famous, but that should not limit you from setting up your own mini golf tournament at home. Cut out tunnels from small cardboard boxes for the golf ball obstacle course. For a more challenging golf course, you may set up other obstacle objects on your golf course, such as books or toys. You can recycle a coffee can and use it as a hole. Lay it on its side and place a rock inside to keep it in place. You can purchase plastic golf balls from discount stores; however, any small rubber ball will do, so long as it’s kid-friendly and appropriate for the place. For the golf club, you may utilize a plastic toy or roll up a piece of cardboard. Above all else, guide your kids in playing the game and make sure that you watch closely to ensure the safety of your kids.

Indoor Volleyball

Throw an indoor beach party when it’s raining cats and dogs. You can play volleyball by setting up two kitchen chairs and place them apart about 6 feet from each other. If you do not have a small net, place long strips of masking tape instead. Place the masking tape strips on opposite ends of the chairs and use a balloon for the ball. Your kids will have loads of fun competing with one another. On the side, your kids can also play tag just make sure you have enough beach balls to keep the fun rolling. Put out blankets so that they can plop down and rest when they grow tired. Serve cold drinks to complete that summer effect.

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