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What is the best way to make resolutions and stick with them

The best way to make resolutions is to determine what you want and can realistically change. It has to be something you want to do otherwise you WILL falter and fail.
• Be Specific: Once you decide on what you want to do, be specific in your resolution/goal: instead of ‘I want to lose weight’, make your resolution more specific like ‘I will exercise and diet to reach a goal weight of X’. Instead of ‘I want to save money this year’ try ‘I will save $X per quarter for a total of at least $X for this year.’
• Make a plan: It’s great to be specific, but if you have a plan of action, you WILL get there! For instance, while you may want to reach a goal weight of X, by having a plan you can change that resolution to be even more specific; ‘I will work out 4 days per week, and join Weight Busters to lose 3 pounds per month to reach my overall goal of X’. The first phase of the plan is to get your work out down, and then join Weight Busters! Then simply execute to the plan. If it’s saving money, you may want to develop a plan that entails; tracking spending for one month; research different methods to save and reduce debt; determine where you can economize based on the tracking; set a goal of how much to place into saving each month based on the reduction of expenditures, and you will reach your goal.
• Be Positive. Instead of giving something up, which is a negative; replace it with a positive, like setting a limit. For instance, instead of ‘cutting down on chocolate’ you can ‘have a chocolate treat once per week and within the guidelines of my diet.’ This is more positive and is something you can look forward to instead of feeling deprived and resentful.

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