Signs of a Genius Baby
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Signs of a Genius Baby

While most babies fall within the intellectual norm, some already show signs of exceptionality, even during infancy. If you have a suspicion that your new baby may be a bit smarter than the rest, look for signs that you have a baby genius on your hands. If your infant shows the signs, he may well grow up to be head of his class, outperforming his peers.

Bores Easily

It might be tougher to keep your baby focused on a toy because she’s likely to tire of it quickly. If your infant doesn’t seem to be able to keep his attention on one toy for a long time, it could be a sign that he is a highly intelligent baby who rapidly figured the toy out and is then no longer amused by it.

High Energy Level

As “Parents” magazine reports, children with exceptionally high energy levels may also possess a degree of academic skill. If your child seems to never tire of exploring or trying new things, there could be more than just an abundance of energy at play.

Rapid Vocabulary Development

Some kids pick up the skill of reading slowly, adding one word at a time to their vocabulary. Others seem to learn a collection of new words each day. If your baby goes from speaking one word to composing an entire sentence with impressive speed, he may be intellectually gifted.

Remembers Things Easily

Gifted children remember things more easily than their non-gifted peers, reports “Parents” magazine. If your baby is gifted, he may be able to show signs of remembering how to do simple tasks, such as how to push a button on a toy to get a song to play.

Exhibits Curiosity

Babies who seem eager to explore the world around them and discover how things work may be functioning at a higher cognitive level. Children of this type often demonstrate a distaste for shut doors, hate when they are told that they can’t touch something or throw a fit when a breakable object is removed from their reach. This anger or upset is because these babies wanted to explore the space or object in question.

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