Find Your Best Hair Color
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Find Your Best Hair Color

Here’s an exciting experiment for you: place a gold swatch and then a silver swatch next to your face. Which suits you more? If gold does, you’re generally a ‘warm’ season. If silver is best, then you’re generally a ‘cool’ season. What is the next step in choosing a hair color? If you look good with gold next to your skin, your haircolor will work in the warm tones — copper reds, auburns, caramel browns, honeys, golden blondes — all the fall and spring shades. If you look good with silver next to your skin, your haircolor will work in the cool tones — true crimson reds, mahoganies, chestnut browns, or platinum or ash blondes — all the bright, clear winter and summer shades.

Blonde Bombshell?

So, should you go blonde? Should you go dark? If you’re naturally lighter haired, stay lighter. If you are dark haired, going too light is not preferred. A rule of thumb is to always stay within 2-3 shades of your natural color, and you typically can’t go wrong.

Do you look washed out?

What does it mean to look ‘washed out’? How can you avoid this? ‘Washed out’ means to have fair skin and hair that is too light – or too dark – in color. If you’re fairer, you’ll like some rich tone to your haircolor to enhance and enrich your skin. Hair that lacks pigment – like an ash blonde or grey, for example – will ‘wash you out’ if you’re really fair. Also, hair that’s really dark will make you look pale if you’re fair. Tanned skin usually can take more risks with haircolor.

Jet Black

Who can pull off black hair? What about platinum? Black hair is truly for women who already had or have naturally dark brown or black hair – or for young gals in their teens or 20s. As we get into our 30s and up, we generally can’t go super dark. It’s just too unnatural. Platinum blonde works for women who are naturally lighter-haired, and for women with cooler skin tones and ice blue eyes. Any yellow or green in the eyes suggests that a warmer blonde will work best.

Can you color at home?

How? Home haircoloring is very tricky. Brunettes staying brown usually win at home coloring. Reds and blondes usually fail. With browns, you can sometimes get lucky with a shade that suits you – so if you find it, stick with it. The challenge during application is not to keep pulling the color through the ends of your hair every time, as this will make the hair too dark, and possibly damage it. It’s always a good idea to check in with a professional haircolorist. If you absolutely must color at home, follow the manufacturer’s instructions always. Check out and search for Marco Pelusi Hair Studio Inc. on Facebook and become a fan! Grazie!

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Marco Pelusi is a celebrity hair colorist and stylist.

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