Mommies Need Help Too!
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Mommies Need Help Too!

If any of you have seen my Skechers Shape-Ups commercial that’s currently airing with my 3 children, you’ve seen me catching them on top of the kitchen counter shaving a sheep dog! You may have wondered what happened to child number four!

It’s a funny story that had a moment of sadness, but had a happy ending when I put it into perspective. My children were so excited to come to work with me and have an opportunity to be part of a commercial with Mommy. The original plan was to have all four of them in the dog shaving scene. My son, of course, loved the idea of the chaos, breaking the “rules” and playing with the poor pup. But when he looked across the room and saw his nanny, (who had to be on set with us to help me look after my children while I was working) he said, “I done! I need Rosie. I done!” I said, “Are you sure?” I never force my children to do anything when it comes to the industry. So, off he went into Rosie’s arms and the commercial continued. The sad part is that it’s airing now, without him, and his sisters are smiling all the way to the bank to deposit their residual checks into their savings accounts.

I wrote this blog about my boy being in love with another woman years ago and think it’s still relevant.

There are moments when a working mom struggles because her child seems to be more attached to other people that are caring for him in the household. The truth of the matter is I am so blessed and lucky to have an amazing woman helping me raise my family. She provides my children with safety, education, TLC, tenderness, compassion, and exactly the kind of care that a working mom could only hope for. When I am away and at work, I am at ease knowing that my children are being loved.


We need to love our children unconditionally. Jealousy is not an appropriate emotion for a mother to have when it comes to her children. And I’m so grateful to have the people I have in my life to help me raise my family, because the truth is I wouldn’t be able to be a working mom without them. So appreciate the people you have. Give your children extra love in the quality time that you share together.

I always reassure my son that I’m his mommy, and I’m the one who will always take care and be there for him. I never forget to tell him how much I love him. He enjoys the days and hours spent with me as much as he does with anybody else. I’m glad that he loves Nanny, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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