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Yoga for Pregnant Mothers

Prenatal yoga is an exercise option for pregnant women that is growing in popularity. Staying active during pregnancy helps boost your energy levels and may even relieve some of the aches and pains you feel. For those who already practice yoga, prenatal yoga is a natural continuation of that practice. Those new to yoga can also benefit from the activity.

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Toddler Urination Problems

Your toddler’s urination problem could be a minor condition or a sign of something more serious. Unfortunately, her limited communication skills can make it difficult to tell what’s really going on. Take all problems seriously — you may be able to solve the problem with slight modifications to your child’s routine or your child may need a visit to her pediatrician.

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Sex During Late Pregnancy

While sex is the last thing on the mind of many women going through the last months of pregnancy, being intimate with your spouse during this time is often absolutely fine. Though many women shy away from activities of this nature as their pregnancies wear on, there is rarely a medical reason to do so. If you are considering intimacy with your spouse at your advanced pregnancy stage, consider some of the pregnancy-related factors that may come into play and explore how these factors may impact your love life.

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Good Ways for a Teen to Lose Weight

Excessive weight is a problem for more than 12.5 million children in the United States, reports WebMD. If your teen is struggling to beat the bulge, you can be instrumental in her ultimate success. While broaching the subject of weight can be difficult, tackling the issue will ultimately be beneficial to your teen as weight loss efforts can improve both her physical and mental health.