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The Secret to Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolution

So how many of you are already thinking about New Year’s resolutions? Are you dreading the thought? Are you excited to start fresh? The unfortunate fact about resolutions is that less than half of all people who make resolutions maintain them longer than six months. The upside of this fact, however, is that just the act of creating a goal makes you ten times more likely of achieving it.

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Meals for Camping With Kids

Camping offers lots of excitement and entertainment for families. Child-friendly camping meals encourage young campers to chow down or even help with the cooking, depending on their ages. Some meal ideas work well over a campfire, with or without a cooking grate. Plan out your camp menu to ensure you have all the necessary groceries before you head into the wilderness.

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How to Make a Pinata

In Mexico, a child’s birthday party is not complete unless there is a pinata, preferably two or three. You can purchase ready-made pinatas at most party stores, but making your own adds messy fun to party preparations. The other advantage of making your own pinata is that you and your child determine the design and color scheme.