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  • Manifesting from the ROOTS on up
    “When we are not whole and grounded in our authentic selves we tend to look outside ourselves, trying to fill the voids of what we lack from within. Once whole and complete we then can manifest from a place of truth instead of fear or lacking “. – Lori Bregman 
  • When you have a solid foundation and strong roots to grow from you will make choices from an authentic place consciousness and wholeness. You will also be able to manifest and ground your ideas and visions to the earth with ease. When we are lacking in something we might look for another person or thing to fill that emptiness or weakness from within. This will always be a temporary fix. NOBODY OR ANYTHING will ever be able to fill the void but yourself. By becoming whole and complete and you will make healthier choices then you would from a place of fear and deficiency.
  • I remember New Year’s Day about 9 years ago, I was at my friend Seane Corn’s
    house, where we always did a New Years’ Day manifestation burning ritual. We wrote down on paper what we wanted to let go of and what we wanted to bring in, read it out loud, and then released it into the fire. To this day I will never forget what I asked for and what happened the years to follow: I asked for a love stronger and deeper then any I had ever known before. I asked for a man who was kind, smart, honest, passionate, happy, loving, and lots more, I threw my paper in the fire and it went up in a blaze, Seane and I looked at each other and both said, “ WOW he is coming “!!!! Well he didn’t come; instead I got a different kind of love. I spent the next few years developing and then strengthening my root of self-love, See, I didn’t have any. This was something I was lacking and needed to develop in order to be able to bring in the energy and quality of the person I was asking for.  All of the choices I had made in my life came from a lack of self love which affected my self esteem, self respect, and so on – causing depression and stress.  This man I asked for would never have even seen me because we weren’t an energetic match. My teacher, Michele Meiche, says, “ We attract what we vibrate at”. I was vibrating at such a low vibration and the person I asked for was of a higher vibration. As Wayne Dyer says, “ Simply become the qualities you seek in others and you will attract that person “. That’s exactly what I did- I became the person I hoped to attract. Now I only pull in and am  attracted to things and people that are authentic,  healthy and evolved. Relationshipwise I will only be with someone because I really dig him and want to share my life with him not because I want him to save me or make my feel complete. Because I already am complete. This is manifesting from a place of wholeness.  If you want love then you must have the roots of self- love supporting your own foundation. If you want to be respected and cherished then you must have the roots of self -respect and self- acceptance be part of the platform that you grow from.
    A few years back an amazing book came out called,“ The Secret “ I loved it! After a while I began to see people frustrated because they would think something and it wouldn’t happen. Here’s my problem with “The Secret” if you ask for a million dollars and you don’t have the roots of self esteem, self -discipline, self – worth and respect most likely you wont be able to manifest that. The message in “The Secret” is to manifest from your head and thoughts. I say manifest from your roots, become whole, vibrate and radiate out what you are and you will attract that to you.     
  • Each and every one of us needs different things to support, strengthen and develop our roots. Some lucky people developed a solid foundation from their childhood. These people were nurtured, loved, supported, and cared for consistently in a safe loving environment. They also had strong boundaries and some form of structure, routine, balance, and flexibility. All of this leads to them feeling safe in the world, having self worth, high self-esteem, self-respect, happiness, inner peace and self-love.  
    Even if you didn’t develop the most solid roots in your childhood (which I have found a good majority of us haven’t) the good news is you can always build that solid foundation and support system at any time in your life.
     This is something I do with my clients and my students in my classes that I teach. It really helps get you clear on what you want and what you need to develop more within yourself to be able to manifest from a healthy, whole place.
    1.  Lying down flat on your back begin to inhale for the count of 7 slow deep breaths into your 2nd chakra area (an inch or so below your belly button. It’s in the 2nd chakra that we create and literally birth from) then exhale out for the count of 7. Keep going as you start connecting to your 2nd chakra .
    2.  Begin to visualize a huge, healthy, thriving, rich and lush rooted tree. Now imagine that you are that tree.
    3.  See the ground that you are rooted in. Let’s use the ground as the present life you have right now. Slowly begin to scan over your life and see all that you have, your relationships, job, living situation, health, emotional state. Now begin to see your past and the choices and the journey that got you here today.
    4.  Bring your awareness to your feet; start to see your feet sprouting thick roots. Each root has a name. Begin to see the 1st root as the root of self-love.  Now see little roots, which we will call hair roots, that support and help feed self -love. An example of a hair root of self-love might be self-acceptance, healthy boundaries, nurturing and parenting your self… What hair roots do you think will support self-love?  Now see the other roots: the 2nd root being Self-esteem; the 3rd, happiness; the 4th inner peace; the 5th, health;, the 6th security. Add the hair roots that support. Ask yourself, is there any other part of you that you need to develop? If so, then put it down as a root. For example, a client of mine had no trust or faith so we built her a root of faith and trust and found hair roots that feed those qualities. 
    5.  Now see the trunk of the tree.  This is your core; the highway between your roots and all that you wish to have. This is the place of action. Caroline Myss says it so perfectly: “ Intention without action is useless .“.What physical action can you take to bring these roots to life? Let’s  use the root of self-love as an example: I could care for myself more by nurturing myself, take more down time when I am tired, find more balance, learn how to say no, not put myself in situations that are hurtful to me.
    6.  Bring your awareness to the top of your head and beyond. This is the top of your tree; where you’re the fruits of your labor have blossomed and bloomed. All that you wish to manifest is up here.
    7.  See big huge blossoming flowers and in each of these flowers see a word or vision that you wish to have. An example might be, a job.
    8.  Surrounding each flower there are tons of leaves. Let each leaf hold a word that describes in depth what it is you want to manifest so that your tree grows richer and more lush as it begins to fill up with flowers and leaves.
    9.  Notice if there are any weeds growing around your tree. Ask yourself, what needs to be plucked out of my life? What toxic people, thoughts, beliefs, or behavior patterns are choking the life out of me and preventing me from manifesting and having all I desire ?
    10.  Imagine a big yellow sun shinning big and bright on your tree. From your weeds make positive affirmations. For example, say one of my weeds was, “I am too old to have a child “. Changing it to a positive affirmation would take this form: “my body is healthy, I will effortlessly and easily have a child”.
    STEP 2 
  • You will need a big poster board, a pen some, colored pencils, and crayons or markers .
    Begin to draw your tree.
    Starting from the ground up in the soil write where you are now.
    Put the main roots down ( self – love , self esteem , happiness , inner peace, security, and health ) add any that you feel you are lacking.
    From there add your hair roots
    In the trunk write what action you can take to develop these. 
    Draw an outline of your treetop. Now add big blossoming flowers, inside each one add the main word of what you want to manifest. Now add leaves and inside write words that specifically describe what it is you desire to have.
    Draw some weeds and write out what needs to go.
    Last, draw a sun and have the positive affirmations shining down and feeding your tree.
    STEP 3
    Put your tree up somewhere that you can look at it daily.
    Pick the root you feel you need to work on the most and start doing things that help develop it. You will begin to see that all the roots are connected; as you begin to heal one all of the others will start to grow as well.
    Say your affirmations  (the sun shine) and keep getting rid of the weeds that hold you back and that are taking up space in your life. The new can’t come in if there is no room, so prune away those toxic weeds right out of your life.
    The rest will take care of itself because once you are whole the choices you make will be coming from such an authentic place of truth. 

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