Batman and Diapers
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Batman and Diapers

I survived my very hectic premiere week for Dancing With The Stars. I love the cast this season.  I was shocked to see The Hoff leave so soon, but you never know what America will respond too.  Its an unpredictable line-up, and that’s why I love this season!!!

I felt like a princess once again, thanks to my glam squad, jeweler and stylists.  The funny thing is that Tuesday night after the show, I forgot to bring a dinner outfit so I went to my post show dinner at my neighborhood hot spot in a dirty sweatshirt, jeans, flip flops and a FULL face of TV makeup.  My hair still resembled the look from the show that I taped just a few hours before.  By the time I sat down at the bar to have a much-needed glass of Pinot and order my dinner, DWTS was airing on the flat screen above me.   Passersby were looking at me funny wondering how I could be there and here at the same time.  It was weird, but that’s just part of the crazy contrast from my TV life and family life.

Back on the home front, I am 2 weeks into potty training Batman (I mean my son, Shaya).  Hey if Michael Keaton could pull it off, my son is riding shotgun! He has been wearing a size 2 Batman costume and mask everywhere! No, it was not purchased for Halloween.  I am in the “pick your battles” stage.  The other night he flipped out because his Batman t-shirt was dirty and he wanted to re-wear it after his bath.  After a total melt down, which I ultimately won, he settled for his super hero pajamas.  My girlfriend suggested letting him wear a dirty shirt, (if he must) and send him to school in it if he insists.  Simply say, “Shaya Charvet is here in his filthy clothes because he wanted to wear them AGAIN.  I tried to wrap my head around that suggestion, having raised 3 girls who wouldn’t dare put on a soiled shirt.  My then 3 year old Sierra would wear a $5.99 Bahamas tourist SHARK t-shirt every day to preschool. It was of course clean, but still, it was the SHARK shirt every day.  I think that caused more raised eyebrows than Shaya would in a smelly Batman T.  My point is that I would never allow him to do that. I fight that issue and give in on others, like letting him show up in full Batman gear, thinking he can fly.  Call it silly, but different strokes for different folks right? I never could understand moms that let their kids go out in public like that, costumes, pajamas, etc.  Now I am one of them.

He is almost potty trained now, whew! His teacher suggested sending him to school cold turkey with no diapers.  That sounded like an awful lot of work to me but after one week, and several loads of laundry. SHE WAS RIGHT!!! For the first few days I left the house with 3 changes of clothes, and he needed every bit of them.  I almost gave up, and put a diaper back on because it was so much MORE work to go through the transition of wet clothes, car seat, floors, and even wet Mommy.  But, we have conquered potty training and now it’s maybe one accident a day.  I can’t say that I miss the dirty diapers smell, but I do miss knowing that he is still my little baby in diapers. Now he is a big boy/Batman who thinks he is growing wings.  He cracks me up, and I adore him for bringing me laughter every day.

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