My Son’s First Day Of Kindergarten
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My Son’s First Day Of Kindergarten

Tuesday was my son’s first day of kindergarten. He woke up bright and early, well before he needed to, because he was overcome with excitement. A few days earlier we purchased his school supplies, carefully going though the list his teacher had provided. It was finally the day he would get to put all his supplies in his VERY OWN DESK!

He combed his hair and even put a little gel in just to make it look extra nice. He wore his favorite new pants with LOTS of pockets, because boys need lots of pockets, of course, to stash things. Moms just hope those things aren’t alive!

We arrived to school 30 minutes early, which gave us plenty of time to find his special cubby, locate the desk and stuff it with supplies. Once everything was inside, I let my son know he could play with the other kids for a few minutes before school started. He wasn’t interested. He wanted to sit patiently at his very own chair, at his very own desk and wait. Whose kid is this, I wondered.

3 hours and 15 minutes later, I eagerly arrived at school to pick up my beautiful little boy from kindergarten. His hair was disheveled. His face, red as a cherry. And yes he was a tad bit sweaty. I think it is safe to say he played hard!

When I asked him how school went, he replied “I didn’t get to use my scissors!”

I think he had a great time ;).

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