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Month number 2 without David and counting….. The time has flown by on most days, but a few are creeping by in anticipation of him coming home.  I have been sleeping with Mac for a while now, but these days my computer relationship has taken on a whole new meaning. SKYPE anyone?  I must admit I am starting to feel like a cyber freak and actually look forward to alone time WITH MY COMPUTER!!! 

The good news is that I am getting a lot done in what little time I can squeeze at the end of my days.  Bad news is I need to go back to my old ways before David gets home.  I also need to finish the construction I started when he left, move out of his closet, wash the sippy cup drippings out of the back seat of his car and wash all his clothes that I have been sleeping in.  I should also get back the cashmere sweaters that I lent to my gay hairdresser. I have two new German Sheppard puppies coming that I need to train, a kitten for Rain, and a bearded dragon for Sierra, think David will be upset???

I have relocated a few TVs, added a writing desk to my bedroom for late night inspirations, and FINALLY got rid of David’s old ugly Green chair from our master. I have always been the woman that rearranges furniture when I am bored. These past few months have been anything but, but change was in order so I did the only thing a woman living alone could do, I redid the whole house!  I hope he likes the new color scheme, feminine BUT romantic.  It’s amazing what a woman can get done in just 10 weeks when she puts her mind to it.

The kids have been sleeping in my bed since Papa left, so I need to sleep train them in the next weeks, which everyone knows I am not very good at.  Just short of dying my hair blonde, I think David will be uummmm surprised? Maybe I should hope for happy…I sure hope the new leather chairs arrive before he does, so he won’t notice that I also ditched the old crappy sectional from our movie room.  One last issue could be that I am leaving out of town with my 10 yr old for the yearly school field trip just after his arrival….ooops.

Oh well, I warned him not to leave me alone for too long!  LOL!!! And hopefully not laughing alone…

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