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Spring Break Staycation

Don’t get the wrong idea…but I’m lying in bed with my girlfriend, tweeting and watching American Idol.  
All of our kids are on Spring Break and the seven of them are nestled in the theatre eating popcorn and watching old school Looney Toons.  

We decided not to spend any money, skip the traveling hassle; packing up the family for the week and all the stress that comes with it.  So we are having a Staycation at my house, and I couldn’t have planned it any better!  
We spent the day by the pool, I made a beautiful lunch, we took an afternoon bike ride to the center, to our sweet neighborhood playground.  Unfortunately it was infested with paparazzi, but we didn’t let them stop us.  Back at home I made dinner, Benihana style, which my family loves! Of course that included my famous fried rice! Here’s a “sure thing” recipe that’s a healthy fun meal for the whole family – my fried rice.
By 8:00 half our kids were asleep, @makeupbyCyvia and I finished our adult dinner and a nice glass of Cab, so we headed upstairs to watch TV, catch up on the gossip and enjoy some girlfriend time.  I must admit I feel like a teenager again, having a sleep over!  How great is that!?!  
So here we are, she’s on the iphone tweeting, looking at paparazzi pics from today, Idol is choosing their top 24 and I’m on my laptop writing this blog.  Ahhh, wild nights have a whole new meaning, LOL!!! Both our men are out of town, so we are soaking up the girl time that is so hard to come by, and so much FUN!
I’m shooting another episode for the Doctors tomorrow so it will be an early night, and an even earlier morning.  But, tomorrow our staycation continues… It’s so easy to turn your home into a pretend hotel.  Kids just need other kids and activities. It doesn’t take much, think about it, they were watching the same movie tonight that I watched as a kid, I think my mom did the same…
Turn your home into that getaway everyone is hoping for – sleeping bags on the floor, picnic on the grass, old movies, roasting marshmallows, Marco Polo in the pool. Force them to play like we did.  

My favorite kind of vacation and the easiest kind!

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