Depressed? Please Make Yourself A Priority
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Depressed? Please Make Yourself A Priority

Plenty of moms deal with depression, and I’m one of them. I had postpartum Depression after the birth of my son and as I was battling cancer that was diagnosed with while pregnant with him. I battled depression again as I helped my daughter battle horrific bullying that led to a suicide attempt, and then her own mental illness. A few years later, I struggled again after the death of my step-mom. I had to fight my way back from depression and to do that, I had to make myself a priority. Just like they say on an airplane, you have to put your own oxygen mask on first.   Before I take care of my family, I had to take care of myself, first.  They knew I was struggling, but even more importantly they saw that I was working hard at helping myself. I showed them that depression, like any metal illness was just an illness that needed to be treated, and I started taking care of myself.

  • I was honest about what I needed. I reached out for help and told others I was not okay, and I needed help and support.
  • I spent more time outside. My doctor told me that I was Vitamin D deficient. I went for daily walks, spent a lot more time on the porch, and used a convenient Vitamin D Spray.
  • I learned to meditate. I used apps on my phone to help keep me grounded.
  • I volunteered more at our local animal shelter. Cuddling sweet kittens and talking dogs on walks help me a lot. Volunteering got me out of my “only me” mind space. I feel good helping someone else.
  • I took a social media break.  Sometimes, social media can become overwhelming. I checked once a day, then shut the  phone off.
  • I started taking care of myself. I made sure I got some exercise in, started eating better, taking more natural and holistic vitamins and supplements to help me become as healthy as I could.
  • I started reading again. I loved to read, and it was something that I had let fall to the side while I took care of everyone and everything else. I made a comfy spot just for me, filled up my kindle, and made sure to read ever a little every day.
  • I reached out for help and got it. I went to my doctor, where I found out about my vitamin deficiencies and she suggested some other medications to help. I also used some online support groups that freed me up to talk about what was going on in my life.

Being a mom means that I often must be strong. But, I think that it was important to my family to show them that I also have weak moments and needed help. I showed them that taking care of yourself is really important,and letting them help me shared how important they were to me and our family.