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Omg- it’s February already?

Hi All!

Here we are about to begin February. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

What do I want to accomplish this year and now that the year has started and am I on track?

Have I fallen off any wagons (exercise, habit changes, attitude changes, new hobby, etc..) that I chose to get on at the start of the new year? …if I did fall off is that ok and why did I really get on the wagon in the first place?

Am I happy? What factors attribute themselves to my answer? How can I maintain or change how I feel?

As you know, the answers to these questions effect every aspect of your life- I find it good to check in with them a few times a year (away from holidays). You don’t even have to write down and analyze your answers to get the benefit of asking them….contemplating them alone is enough.

Please stay tuned for the new M-TRAIN launch and update coming soon!

Below is an interview that Brian and I did for ESPN-U. I think it came out great…hope you do too!

The Hot New Celeb Workout iPhone App:

For Veggie Thursday– please focus on having veggies with lunch somehow. That is where most of you are lacking these days. For you (parents) and your kids.

Hope all is well! Email me if you need help or suggestions, follow me on Twitter @K_MTRAIN or on Facebook http://tinyurl.com/y9ueuw2.


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