Easy Honey Glazed Chicken
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Easy Honey Glazed Chicken

If you’re pressed for time on weeknights and getting a healthy dinner on the table for the family always feels like a challenge, you’re not alone.  As registered dietitians, one of the requests that we get the most is for healthy, delicious meals that can be made in a flash. We hear ya, and we relate! We all could use a few extra hours in our day. So this is one of our favorite quickie dinner recipes that we often turn to–it’s an easy way to squeeze in some protein, which is especially great if you have picky little ones who only go for the carbs.  Luckily, our little one who we have to work hard to get her to eat anything except carbs, gobbles this up without a complaint!  And it seems to work magically for our clients who are in the same boat, so give this a whirl and let us know what you think!

This dish is an easy way to make boring chicken a dish of the past.  We suggest serving this with a quality carbohydrate like sweet potato or quinoa and with a steamed green veggie like broccoli. Enjoy!

Easy Honey Glazed Chicken

Serves 4


2-1/2 tablespoons honey

Ginger powder

Garlic powder

3/4 pound very thinly sliced chicken breast

Sesame seeds (optional)– sometimes we cover the chicken with the seeds, but sometimes we’re in the mood for the chicken without the seeds– and it tastes just as delicious!


Add honey to a large skillet over medium heat. As honey thins, add garlic and ginger. Then add chicken.
Cook chicken until thoroughly cooked and chicken looks seared and starts to turn a nice golden brown as the honey absorbs into the chicken. The more thinly sliced the chicken, the better in terms of cooking quickly.
Add more ginger and garlic powder to liking. Once chicken is completely cooked through and no longer pink, remove from pan. Add to a plate filled with your favorite veggies or cover with sesame seeds and then serve. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information: Calories 181, Fat 3g, Saturated Fat 1g, Cholesterol 72mg, Sodium 63mg, Protein 26 g, Carbohydrates 11g


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