Berry Delicious Shortcake Dessert
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Berry Delicious Shortcake Dessert

Are you ready for the 4th?

Chances are, you’ve got a barbeque or pool party to stop by, and you’ve promised to make some sort of dish. When in doubt, do dessert!

This amazing berry shortcake recipe is yummy, pretty, and very festive. Oh, and it’s super easy to make!


Poundcake – “One” slice per guest (always use more than necessary; everyone loves leftovers). We’re always advocates of homemade, but shortcake can be a hassle, so just pick up a loaf at the supermarket.

Whipped Topping – Buy it in a tub, or… let the kids make it by combining heavy whipping cream, ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract and sugar to taste (start with 3 tablespoons). Whip until soft (not hard, that’s over-whipping) peaks form.

Blueberries – It’s hard to overdo fresh fruit, so use as much as you want!

Strawberries – Same as the blueberries. There’s no such thing as too many!


1. ALWAYS wash your berries, even if they say they’re pre-washed. Give them a quick rinse and pat dry.

2. Hull and slice the strawberries in halves and quarters. Serve them plain, or make a simple syrup by adding powdered sugar and a tablespoon of water to the cut berries and letting the mixture sit for an hour or so. The berry/syrup combo is delicious spooned over your shortcake and it adds a homemade element!

3. Slice your poundcake into ½ – 1in thick pieces


Let the photo speak for itself. Fourth of July shortcake can be made with any decoration of shortcake with whipped topping and berries. Arrange your berries and whip artfully on the poundcake canvas, or let the kids add their own toppings.

If you’ve macerated your strawberries, spoon the mixture on top of your cake, whip, and blueberries.


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