Sporty Gear that Supports Breast Cancer Awareness
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Sporty Gear that Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

There are so many products on the market this month of October that has joined the fight in Breast Cancer Awareness. I have seen pink make up bags, pink candy, pink kitchen utensils and appliances.

I have found some really fun and cute sports gear that you can get for yourself or your family, to raise awareness of breast cancer.

1. North Face Ski Jacket

(Available on

I bought this North Face Denali ski jacket last season. Love the pink logo and proceeds go to supporting a great cause. Perfect for a winter run, or hanging out at your favorite sporting event.

2. Wilson Hope Racquetball Glove

(Available online from Sports Authority)

Pink is just not for girls anymore. Grab this glove for your dad or husband that love to play racquetball so they can show their support for the cause.

3. NFL Gear


(Available on

The NFL is a big supporter of breast cancer awareness. You will see the players now in games wearing pink shoes, cleats, and mouth guards. Go to to find tons of NFL gear with a touch of Pink!

4. Wilson Hope Golf Balls

(Available on

Love these Wilson Hope Golf Balls for the golfer in your life!

To show your support, take our pledge to get a breast exam!

Love yourself, love your health and get checked.



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