Spend Less Time on Hair and More Time On What Matters
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Spend Less Time on Hair and More Time On What Matters

The following post was sponsored by Aussie.

There was a time in my life when I spent hours getting ready – and a lot of money on my hair. But as a mom, my priorities have changed and as the saying goes, one becomes wiser with age. I’ve realized that there are more important ways to spend my time (and money) yet I still don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed! I know I’m not the first or the last girl who worries about her hair. Watch Graydon Sheppard as he portrays woman all over in the second Sh*t Girls Say About Hair, and tell me if you can relate? I have a feeling you’ll be rolling with laughter because you have said the very same things!

Like I said, I’ve become wiser with age and the addition of a handful of children! I can confidently say that being a mom has aided in my priority shift that took my hair from #1 to #4,594. Thankfully, I no longer act or feel like the girl in the video! But, just because my hair is so far down on my list, that doesn’t mean I don’t care what it looks like. Let’s face it, mom’s want to look beautiful too, and we should have that opportunity. Thank you, Aussie Hair Care products for giving us moms just that… an opportunity to feel beautiful, without all the fuss.

Aside from getting compliments on how cute my kids are, people often comment on how healthy my hair looks and feels. They usually assume I spent many hours and dollars making my hair look good, but I have a secret that I try not to keep too secret! Instead of using too much heat and time on my hair, I like to go the all natural air dry route, with the help of one of five, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle formulas! You can use these formulas on any type hair to condition, leaving your hair smooth and silky and ready for the day ahead, without all the fuss!

Aside from giving us a moment to laugh at ourselves for our sometimes ridiculous hair rants with the second video Sh*t Girls Say About Hair. Aussie Celebrity Hair Stylist Sarah Potempa is also giving us tips on how to get the coveted air dry look with easy how-tos, including starting with a healthy base. Aussie has amazing hair care products and they know how important life is and how unimportant spending hours on your hair is!

I want to challenge all of you, especially the moms to ditch the dryer and air dry with Aussie and me this summer. Be an example for your daughters – show them that beauty is natural and easy. Take back your precious time in the morning and drink your coffee leisurely for a change. And enjoy the compliments you are sure to get, because Aussie 3 Minute Miracle formula is just that good.

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