Sweet Potato Wedges With Pumpkin Dip
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Sweet Potato Wedges With Pumpkin Dip

We love that this easy cozy, comfort food is not only healthy and super simple to make, but the kids love it and it’s great for keeping your skin looking young!

Nothing is more satisfying than biting into something sweet and nutritious! If you have a sweet tooth, but you don’t want to ruin your progress in living a healthy lifestyle, then this recipe is definitely for you.

Skin and health boosting bonus?

Yes! This recipes rocks when it comes to beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant so it helps to protect against free radicals that cause cell damage and contribute to diseases like cancer and heart disease.  Beta-carotene also acts as a natural sunscreen, helping to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, protecting against wrinkles, sunspots and cancer. Beta-carotene also aids in the inflammation battle and calms the redness surrounding a skin flare-up. Plus, you will be happy to know that high amounts of beta-carotene in the diet contribute to your skin’s natural glow, so it does enhance the hue of your already beautiful skin.

Food that makes you glow, a taste that makes you smile, and nutrients that prevent cancer!


Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges with Pumpkin Dip

Makes 9 Servings


9 Small sweet potatoes (3oz per serving)

Oil in spray container

Pinch of sea salt for each potato

Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

For pumpkin dip:

2 cups pureed pumpkin (or canned pumpkin)

1-cup plain Greek yogurt

¼ cup agave nectar

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. nutmeg


  1. Preheat the oven to 350.
  2. Cut sweet potatoes into small wedges (about ½ inch thick). Microwave sweet potatoes for about 5 mins, or until tender to pierce with a fork.
  3. Place potatoes on a baking sheet in a single layer and spritz the potatoes with oil from the spray container and season with a dash of sea salt. Place in the oven for about 25 minutes or until crisp and roasted (flip wedges about half way through, after 15 minutes).
  4. Remove from oven, allow to cool enough so that you don’t get burnt eating them and dig in!

To make Pumpkin dip:

  1. Mix all ingredients for dip in a bowl and chill in refrigerator before serving for best results Nutrition Information per 1/3 cup dip: Calories 63; Fat 0g; Saturated Fat 0g; Carbohydrates 13g; Protein 4g; Cholesterol 1mg; Sodium 14mg; Fiber 1.5g

Nutrition Information for 1 serving Sweet Potato Wedges: Calories 105; Fat 0g; Saturated Fat 0g; Carbohydrates 24 g; Protein 1g; Fiber 4g