5 Droolworthy Slider Recipes For Your Super Bowl Party


The big game is this weekend, and no matter whether you’re rooting for the Broncos or the Panthers, I think it’s safe to agree we’re all on Team Super Bowl Snacks.

From chips and dips to wings, there’s no shortage of greasy, cheesy, tasty treats that go hand in hand with all things football. But my personal favorite is the slider, also known as the fun-size sandwich or the mini mouth delight (ok, I just made that last one up).
The wonder that is a slider has all the best parts of a sandwich (condiments and toppings) without an overwhelming amount of bread and meat. It’s simply brilliant.
So to help you get excited for Sunday’s game – because let’s be honest, many of us are just in it for the snacks – here are five of my favorite slider recipes:
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