Ideas for a Care Package to Grandma

Sending a care package to Grandma shows her how much you care while bringing a little cheer to her day. Whether you’re preparing a package for your own grandmother or for the grandmother of your children, look for personal touches to make the care package more meaningful.


No care package to a grandmother is complete without photos of her grandchildren. This is particularly true if she lives far away from her grandchildren. The photos help her feel connected to the grandchildren and allow her to watch them grow. Turn photos into a slide show on DVD so she can watch the photos on her TV. A digital photo frame is a more expensive care package option. Load the frame with pictures of all the grandchildren before sending it to her. She can simply plug it in and see all of the pictures. A scrapbook is another presentation idea for grandchildren photos. If you don’t have time to do a complete scrapbook, start with a few pages at a time. Include more completed pages with each care package that she can add to her book.

Homemade Crafts

Grandmothers hold a special place in their hearts for homemade crafts by their grandchildren. Crafts involving handprints of the grandchildren offer a sentimental craft idea. Make a salt dough handprint plaque painted by the child. Use paint to create handprints on card stock. Let the grandchildren decorate the card stock or add a sentimental poem to it. A decorated picture frame with a picture of the grandmother and her grandchildren is another simple option that kids of all ages can handle.

Baked Goods

Grandmothers are often the ones associated with baking. Give her a day off by sending her your own home-baked treats. Cookies and brownies ship well in a care package. Wrap them well so they don’t crumble during the shipping process. The home-baked care package idea also works well for grandmothers who aren’t mobile or those who live in nursing homes without kitchen access.

Journal Jars

A journal jar creates a keepsake for both the recipient and the sender. Decorate a jar with paint, ribbons and other accents. Fill the jar with journal prompts written on strips of paper. For a grandmother, tailor the questions to topics that capture her memories and life experiences. You might ask her about her favorite childhood toy, an embarrassing moment, how she met her husband or how she thought of her children’s names. Try to think of enough questions to fill the jar with the paper slips. Include a journal in the care package. The recipient pulls out a different journal prompt each day and records the answer in the provided journal. She gets to reflect on her past, and you end up with a comprehensive book of memories to cherish.



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