The Best Love Match for a Taurus


Earthy Taureans, born between April 20 and May 20, have an undeserved reputation for being unsophisticated and a bit boring, but anyone who delves beneath the typical slow-and-steady Taurus exterior knows better. Taurus is the epitome of the Earth sign, combining practicality with sensuality and ambition with a playful nature. People born under the sign of the Bull aren’t afraid to work hard, nor are they shy about sharing the fruit of all that labor. Their tenacious and possessive nature, however, can limit their appeal for some of the flightier, dreamier signs.

The Best Match

The Bull may seem an unlikely mate for a Crab, but Taurus and Cancer have more in common than meets the eye. Both astrological signs enjoy comfort, especially when they find that comfort without leaving home. Cancers love to feed people, and Taureans love good food. Taureans revel in sensual luxuries–fine wines, sumptuous fabrics and beautiful surroundings, and Cancers like nothing better than feathering the nest. While their differences are complementary, Joan Woolfolk, author of “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need,” notes that Cancer and Taurus share similar long-term goals–money and security.

Social Matters

Taureans and Cancers are homebodies, but that doesn’t mean they stay home alone. This is a couple who will love sharing–and showing off–the home they’ve built together. Their hearth will be a social center, even in the early years when that hearth may be no more than a third-floor walk-up. It will be a tastefully decorated third-floor walk-up, though, and whether they’re throwing a formal dinner party or a backyard barbecue, invitations will be highly prized.

Family Life

When it comes to parenting, every child should be so lucky. Taurus and Cancer may put off having children until they’ve established a comfortable home in which to raise them. When children do come along, mom and dad will provide anything their little hearts desire–to a point. While the Cancer parent has trouble setting limits, the Bull’s practicality will step in to stop runaway spending. While the Crab isn’t a strict disciplinarian, Taurus will insist that children learn to work hard, observe good manners and save their money for the future.

Private Affairs

Taurus and Cancer are well-matched behind closed doors, according to Therrie Rosenvald, author of “The Practical Taurus.” People born under both signs are energetic lovers who place a lot of emphasis on the physical side of the relationship. There’s more to the physical side than just sex, though. They’ll hold hands, exchange back rubs and foot rubs, and cuddle happily together long into the twilight years.

Other Matches

Taureans also match well with fellow Earth signs Virgos and Capricorns. Though neither sign places as much importance on the physical as Bulls do, both have deep passions that respond to the gentle persistence for which Taurus is famous. Capricorn’s ambition is a match for Taurus, as well, though Goats tend more toward social-climbing. Taurus will find Virgo’s peaceful nature restful, especially when he slips into occasional blue funks.



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