Stay the Path


You are walking along a path. The path is green and lush. It’s vibrant and almost glowing. This is your life’s authentic path. To the side of you is mountainous terrain, steep and rocky.

There are points along the path where you experience falling rocks. You’re frightened. Scared of being tumbled and crushed by the rocks you see coming towards you at faster and faster speeds.

Instead of keeping your course, you act out of fear. You leave your lush and luminous path in an effort to avoid the stones. Soon you find yourself much worse off. Not only have you been unable to change the fact that the rocks are crashing all around, you now find yourself in coarse rugged terrain. You find it hard to keep your footing. You’re tripping, falling, getting scraped up and increasingly frustrated, but your chance of getting hit by the falling rocks had not decreased at all. In fact, one might argue your increased negative energy might work towards drawing in your worst nightmare, being pummeled to death.

Had you stayed your course on the vibrant green path, what would have happened? Sure you still may have been hit by a rock, but your ground and footing would be solid and supporting you. By following the path you are guided, instead of running directionless through the mountainous terrain.

Sometimes in life we see rocks falling around us. We can act out of fear, and run widely in a different direction, or we can stay the course that feels true in our heart, keeping to our path. It doesn’t mean that rocks won’t fall, or that we’ll never get hurt, but on our path we are guided by following the lush green glow.

This story is a reminder for me in some conversations the best, most kind and loving thing you can do is to say nothing at all. Instead of entering the often very ugly terrain of the ego, choose to stay on your path and act out of love. You may not stop the hurtful words from falling but by sticking to your path of love and light you will not get lost in the darkness.

Here’s to following your heart and staying true to your path in life, no matter what debris falls your way. You are love.



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