How to Be a Sensual Woman

When you become a sensual woman, you become a woman who’s in touch with her five senses. Although the word “sensual” often has a sexual connotation in American society, it actually simply means a person is concerned with her senses, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Taking the time each day to become aware of your senses will make you more aware of the world around you, improve your experiences and possibly boost your relationships.

Step 1

Take note of the various textures around you to engage your sense of touch. Run your hands over a smooth, cool countertop or table or across a velvety or leathery couch. Try to touch several different textures each day and note the differences between them and how each texture makes you feel.

Step 2

Get physical with someone you love. Enjoy the feeling of touching him by giving a massage or by cuddling on the couch together. Keep in mind that sensual does not need to mean sexual. You can enjoy running your hands over someone’s back without it leading to the bedroom.

Step 3

Pay attention to the smells around you. Take note of how your partner or children smell and delight in it whenever you are near them. When they are far away, you can smell a shirt or jacket of theirs to remind you of them.

Step 4

Look at people and objects around you and truly see them. Pay attention to how lighting affects the way you feel. Bright, fluorescent light can make you feel jittery while pale candlelight or dimmed lights may be more soothing. Stare deep into your partner’s eyes to feel a greater connection to him. Wander through a local park or visit a nature reserve to take in the beauty of trees, plants and flowers.

Step 5

Eat your food more slowly and take the time to truly taste what you are eating. Note the difference in taste when you let a piece of chocolate slowly melt in your mouth versus when you chew and swallow it quickly. When you can actually taste your food, you’ll enjoy it more.

Step 6

Listen to music or other sounds. Enjoy the sound of silence, if you can, from time to time to see how it is truly different from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you train yourself to hear well, you’ll notice when things aren’t right.



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