A Sense of Adventure


My vacation is getting better. I hope you laughed with me during my recent blog post. We sure have over here in Italy- and yes, I know a trip from hell could be MUCH MUCH worse.

I was looking through some old photos from home and wanted to share them with you. There are great times to be had everywhere – there are probably many fun things to be discovered in your own town.

The Santa Monica pier is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. Back in my 20’s I use to wait for the evening lights to come on and enjoy the view from my condo window. I had many great times there. David and I love to take the kids there to play. It’s a very different perspective from what we see most days on our drive to school or into town. One of my favorite teenage activities was to ride the Ferris wheel at sunset. Here is what the pier looks like from there.

My kids love roller coasters, both big and small. I love their sense of adventure. Rain even enjoys it! My nine year old is frightened of many things, but I know just how far to push her, and she is amazed at how much she usually misses because of her own fear.

I think you have to push your kids a bit to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and discover new things. Shaya is brave and fearless, and he enjoys it all!

Rain decided to take a chance too, and had a blast on the trampoline-flying ride.

Many times, it takes me to join in or even go first, but I’m game if it means getting my family to try new things.

We’re on vacation in Italy exploring new places, but still remembering how much we love home. It doesn’t take a lot to enjoy time together, just a sense of adventure and an open spirit. And of course a bit of sanity to travel across the world with young children ad no help. Seriously, if Italy had a Nanny McPhee, I would be signing up!



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