Guided Meditation to Relieve Feelings of Guilt


It is our divine right to choose joy in our lives. Although we may sometimes choose otherwise, it is what we were born to do. Feeling guilty can cloud our happiness, blocking our potential to be fully our authentic, joyful selves.

As a Mom, I frequently struggle with feelings of guilt. I question whether or not the decisions I’ve made are the best ones for my family and children. Often there is no right and wrong answer, and it becomes easy to find yourself in a relentless mental loop of guilt.

Realizing that guilt and joy are opposites, that guilt and love cannot co-exist is the beginning of the healing process. Think of guilt as an attack on your divinity, an act of hate towards yourself and not love. You are love, and to heal feelings of guilt you must step out of your ego, which is not love and be who you truly are.

This video is a guided meditation inspired by a passage in the book A Course in Miracles with the purpose of helping you to relieve your feelings of guilt, to choose joy and love in the moment. May I suggest that you watch the video for a first time to get a feel for what to expect. The second time, watch the video and actively participate in the meditation. Then return to the video whenever you are battling feelings of guilt and be reminded of your real purpose in life, love and joy.



Thank you for watching, my friends!

Please share the video with anyone you feel will benefit.

In the comments below tell me – Do you struggle with guilt surrounding the decisions you make? Have you found ways to relieve the negative feelings and return to peace? Please share your wisdom with us!


With love & gratitude,
Wendy Irene



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