Make A Green Eggs and Ham Wrap!
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Make A Green Eggs and Ham Wrap!

Take a clue from Dr. Seuss — kids LOVE green eggs and ham! Here is a quick and simple recipe on how to make your kids a green eggs and ham wrap. Yummy!

What You’ll Need

One cup fresh spinach,
1 garlic clove- chopped,
cooking spray,
1 medium sized tomato diced,
4 organic cage-free eggs (or whites- use 8 eggs for whites-only version),
salt and pepper to taste,
4 tbsp shredded cheese (your favorite kind- we like Cheddar),
4 slices lean ham, and
4 whole wheat tortillas (or you can use spinach tortillas to go along with the green theme).

How to Prepare It

Spray cooking spray in pan. Quickly saute spinach in pan with chopped garlic clove.
Beat eggs and pour into pan. Stir a minute and add tomatoes.

Place one slice of ham on each tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese. Top with egg/spinach/tomato mixture. The cheese will melt from the heat.

Roll up your concoction in the tortilla and serve to your family, or just eat it yourself! Hope you enjoy your green eggs and ham wrap!

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