Brooke Burke: Reconnecting
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Brooke Burke: Reconnecting

I’m lying in my bed, candles lit as usual; I just finished a yummy crunchy bowl of cereal. Tonight is the last night before Monday’s DWTS that I will spend alone in bed, with my Mac working on my script for tomorrow’s live show. David will be home this week and boy is life about to change around here. This scene will not be happening anymore…. LOL!

Adjustment Period

I am so excited about David’s return, but I am also fully aware of the adjustment period that needs to be recognized. He will be coming back to our beautiful, but always chaotic family life. Everyone will be lined up waiting for a piece of Papa. His voice mail is surely maxed out. He hasn’t driven a car for almost 3 months, watched TV, been online, used the phone at leisure, or taken a hot shower. The good news is that there will be many home cooked meals, a cozy soft bed, hot fresh coffee every morning, and a loving family that has missed him so much. He may have to get used to the new look around here (missing furniture and lots of new pieces), no more UFC recorded, and I am a lot less available because of my new show. Lots of things have changed. Shaya has started school, Rain is learning to swim, I have a new job, Neriah is 10 now going on 16, and I have redecorated.

Malibu Madness

Most importantly, he is coming from an African animal reserve to Malibu madness. Driving 4 kids to 2 different schools, activities, the bedtime routines, emotional needs, kids waking up throughout the night, phones ringing, bills to pay, traffic, etc. It’s a far cry from zebras, goats, a baby giraffe, quiet starlit nights, 10 hours of sleep a night, and days that drag on because he was so bored. I admit I am envious of the sleep part and the many naps I know he took trying to pass the days quicker.

Sleeping Alone

We have also gotten used to living without each other and sleeping alone (well, my alone is with a few kids.) I will have to give up his side of the bed that I have been sleeping on…or maybe I will share that space with him. I say all this with a smile because I am really so happy to have him back, but I have been thinking about some great advice that Mrs. X gave me on one of my blog comments.


The military wife shared the importance of reconnecting. I need to remember the adjustment that David and all of us will go through. I want to make it gentle and special. I will spend the 1st night alone with him, directly from the airport so we can connect, then we will bury ourselves in family Ville. I will make his favorite meal, and have many of his favorite things waiting…I asked him if he had any special wishes or cravings, and that really made him feel like a king! I don’t do it often enough, but every man needs to feel like a king once in a while, and my man has REALLY earned it this time!

Hearing Hearts

A light went off in my head when I began to write this…

I don’t always take the time to reconnect with my older children when they return from their father’s. Even though they are only away from my house for a few days, I need to remember the importance of adjustment for them too. I am really starting to pay more attention to what everyone needs on an emotional level. I am listening closer and trying to hear my family’s heart. My kids need to reconnect just like David and I do. Maybe “Hurricane Wednesday” wouldn’t be so bad f I just took an hour to reconnect with my girls before we get back into the swing of things.

What takes a little tenderness and extra thought can make a world of difference.

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