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How to Date Discreetly

Discreet dating can apply to several different situations. Perhaps your parents don’t want you to date, or your marriage is falling apart and you find that you want to explore outside opportunities. Regardless of the reasons, covert dating is somewhat different than typical dating. There are some ways to make this type of dating easier and more successful. Learn proven strategies to meet and date that special someone discreetly.

Step 1

Decide on why you want to date discreetly. If it is because your marriage is lacking in something, perhaps you would be better off seeking counseling to solve the marital problems before entering into the world of casual affairs. If you are choosing to have affairs in order to fulfill sexual needs that aren’t being met at home, then perhaps you should discuss your sex life with your spouse. Discreet dating can be tiresome and can lead to one lie after another as you try to cover your tracks. On the other hand, if you are discreetly dating because your parents don’t want you to date, then you might have to continue to do so until you can convince them it is for the best or you are able to move out.

Step 2

Join a casual dating site. There are several dating sites on the Internet that are specifically geared towards discreet dating. Casual Friends and Discreet Daters are two such sites that help people who are married or in relationships meet other people who are looking for discreet encounters. Once you sign up on these sites, you can arrange to meet people based on your own criteria. You can choose to set up your own profile that is real or use a fake name in order to remain anonymous. You will be joining a group of people who are like you and looking for an anonymous encounter. It is important that you understand that these sites are intended for people who want to date without anyone else finding out about it.

Step 3

Read all the information you possibly can on the pitfalls and perils of discreet dating, particularly if you are only dating secretly to keep family members who might disapprove from finding out. Watchtower explains many reasons that dating in secret is both wrong and possibly even dangerous. Teenagers or even adults who choose to date in secret can easily fall into the perils of sexual misconduct or violence. In these situations, it can often be hard to get police and other people to believe that something bad occurred once they discover that there has been a discreet romance.

Step 4

Think carefully about discreet dating. It has both its ups and its downs. It can be exhilarating and fun to do things under the cover of secrecy. By the same token, it can be dangerous and make for difficulty in receiving help if and when the dating takes a bad turn and you need guidance.

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