How to Know If Your Man Is Falling Out of Love With You
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How to Know If Your Man Is Falling Out of Love With You

In the beginning, he was so attentive and charming that you knew he was crazy about you. The first time he said he loved you, it felt like the sun suddenly got brighter, and you swore you heard Disney music suddenly start playing in the background. All was right with the world. As time moved forward, however, he began to cool. He could be busy. It could be job stress. Or it might mean that he is falling out of love with you.

Step 1

Call him and see if he answers. Often, the first sign that a man is losing his love for you is that he suddenly becomes busy. You may still want to spend as much free time as possible with him, but he seems fine with not seeing you for days at a time. Your phone may stop ringing, your calls to him go to voice mail, and he is content to check in once or twice a week.

Step 2

Compare the past to the present. If your partner used to call you with every detail of his day or spend his free time helping you plant your garden and suddenly he suggests you call a landscaper, it might indicate he is no longer interested.

Step 3

Offer to go with him to his activity, hobby or friend’s house. Many times, when a man stops loving a woman, he becomes much more independent acting than he was in the past. Suddenly, a majority of his social plans do not include you, and he seems to resent your offers to hang out with him and his friends.

Step 4

Try to talk to him about the relationship. When a man is falling out of love, the last thing he wants to do is gaze into your eyes and tell you all the things he fell in love with you for. Instead, he will avoid such conversations. If you push it, he will tell you that you are pressuring him and that he does not appreciate it.

Step 5

Seduce him. If a man is falling out of love with you, it may show up in the bedroom. In the beginning, he couldn’t keep his hands off you. Now, you find that he is always too tired, goes to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow or starts heading back to his place after dinner instead of spending the night, it is possible he no longer loves you and is no longer attracted to you.

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