Great Birthday Party Games for Teens
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Great Birthday Party Games for Teens

Teens can be picky. It can be difficult to throw them a party they will love, without seeing eye rolling or hearing heavy sighs. Before his birthday, talk with your teen about his birthday party plans. You may get a frustrated “I don’t care,” but a plan for the big day will keep everyone busy and limit any last-minute frustration.


Teen parties can happen anywhere, from your home to the mall. Make sure there is enough room for your teens to spread out and enjoy their game. Many teens tend to get loud and rambunctious, especially when competing with their peers. Avoid quiet or sensitive areas, such as a library or country club, unless you know your teen and his friends well enough to know they can be calm.

Boys versus Girls

Depending on the age and preferences of your teen, you may have a single-sex or a coed party. Boys’ games may tend to be more aggressive, such as a tackling football game, while girls’ games may be more intellectual. However, depending on your teen’s interests, choose a game that is as competitive and aggressive as your teen and her peers. Pit girls against boys or draw names from a hat to choose teams.

Parental Control

Teens love some freedom. If you can back off and let the kids play the game or somehow serve them in the game, it might be the ultimate luxury. A mystery dinner or other role play game allows the adults to hang out in the background, keeping an eye on the event without intervening. If adults want to get involved, they can offer clues or serve as characters in the story.


Some games last a few seconds while others last throughout the party. Teens are at the perfect age for an ongoing game. They can keep track of the changes and challenges during the game. Detective games and whodunit games let teens enjoy the suspense until the end of the night.

All Grown Up

Teens are at the age and maturity they can enjoy games that are sometimes set aside for adults. Host a poker night for your teen, using chips, snacks or prizes instead of money. Give them items to gamble instead of asking them to bring money. Golf courses or skeet shooting ranges give teens an opportunity to gain skills while competing with their friends. Get verbal or written permission from guests’ parents before letting them participate in any controversial games. Never let them engage in dangerous or risky games.

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