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How to Make Birthday Party Favors

Kids’ birthday parties are expensive. After the food, the games, the gifts, the locations, the activities, the invitations and the cake, the favors may seem like a frivolous, unattainable option. But it doesn’t have to be. If you are willing to put together your own favors, you can save a lot of money and still thrill the kids coming to the party. Make sure your child gets the full birthday party experience with favors to send his friends home with.

Step 1

Gather cardboard tubes from around the house and from friends and family. Empty toilet paper rolls and empty paper towel rolls will work.

Step 2

Cut the tubes to 3 inches long. Cut the tissue paper into 12-inch squares. Set each tube with the hole side in the middle of each tissue paper.

Step 3

Fill the middle of the tube with candy and pull the sides of the tissue paper up around the top of the tube. Secure it closed with a piece of ribbon.

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